Hanging out with the famezworld girls

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Welcome To Miami

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You already know what it is, i’m down here in the MIA doing what i do. made my way back home and now it’s about to go down, enjoy these few samples because trust me when i say this, its about to go down!!

NorthCarolina: Steppin’ Hard

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ooh well, i’m really gettin’ kind of tried of showin’ you all my North Caroline tour, so heres what i’m going to do for you all, i’m going to give you all the full link to one of my youtube channel so this way you’ll be able to see the rest of the North Carolina videos, but in the mean time, here’s one more funny ass video i filmed down in the carolina’s with kokia and her father, now notice how this counrty gal is in the dam garden planting seeds with high heel boots on and her father comes along and joins in on the dirt fun, man we had such a great time down there. I hope you all have enjoyed the video because right now i have to get ready and get these girls ready for our trip down to Miami Florida and get the action going.

Fish & Chips North Carloina Style

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I’ve always been a sea food lover since i’m from miami, but something about this joint seems to not really get my taste buds jumpn’ for one thing there was way too much dam batter on the shrimp and the fish was kind of small, see when i sit down and eat i wanna know that i had a full meal when i get up from the table. now i can’t sit here and talk too much shit about this place called fish & chips located in North Carloina but i can say this, kokia sure seem to enjoy her meal, i forgot what it was that she was eatting maybe if you watch the video down below you’ll understand more.

Next Stop: North Carloina

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Now heres a fun place to be when you’r just looking for a spot to chill at, try North Carloina, hell i have a few good friends who livi there and most of them moved there from Atlanta Ga. while i was on tour i decide to stop down there and pay my homegirl kokia a little visit and boy i’m glad that i did, Once i got there she had a few girls who wanted to visit miami and get some work in at a local strip club, so i called up my home boy whos the owner of a strip club and told him that i was on my down there and he told me to come on over to the club because he in dire need of some new girls, Okay so kokia and i collected and hand pick which girl should go with us on our trip to miami but in the mean time while i was in north carloina i made it my best to have the time of my life, check out these really great pics i took… i’ve got many more to come so stay tune.

Next Stop…Tennessea

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Here are a few good snap shot’s that i took while i was in the great state of Tennessea. i didn’t get around much because i only stayed for two days, but i promise to return this year some time and make the best of my stay because i found a little hole in wall joint we’re the girl’s hang out and there were many to choose from. Enjoy the pictures i took!

Next Stop! Atlanta Ga.

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Okay folks,here are a few good photos from my trip to Atlanta Ga. and dam did i have a great time being there. enjoy the photos.